Spilt Milk

every whichaway!


Cat As the Hat

:)  The characters you run into in the city……..I tell ya!

Selwyn Senatori

Tomorrow I’ll Be Famous

@Pop Gallery 555

I’d just like to add that this dude is a pretty snazzy dresser

Hyon Gyon

Phantoms Parade

Shin Gallery  322 Grand street, NY,NY

Inspired by a shamanistic rite for her deceased grandmother in Japan and how it effected those left behind, the Shaman became Gyon’s central motif. Her current show is a collection of masks created by using a soldering iron to burn, melt and layer the satin pieces one sees before them.  That’s right, satin is her medium not paint and she is one bad Korean Artist.  So be on the watch for her.

For More http://www.shin-gallery.com/artists.view.php?artistid=39